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TARA Montenegro "Excellent" Surplus: TM-9 4.5" 9mm w/ 2x Mags (FREE SHIPPING) ** Modified & Tested By Red Star **

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Mfg Item #: TM-9

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NOTE: The item in the photo is a sample. This is a used surplus handgun Graded "Excellent" by the Importer. Expect finish wear, scratches, dings, etc... Only notable difference between units is the guide rod type. (See photos) 
Inspired by a Forgotten Weapons video highlighting flaws in the TARA TM-9, we undertook a side project to rectify its issues. Our initial focus was on the inconsistent CZ-type compact recoil flat spring, which lacked at-rest tension and caused slide closure problems when cycling. This, coupled with a double action trigger quirk, led to slide shifts and light primer strikes.
We resolved these challenges by adopting an IMI Jericho-type Double Spring and polishing key components. The outcome was faultless prototypes, each firing 50 rounds without issue in a final test shoot. Tested with 115gr Magtech and S&B.
After a couple more minor modifications, we seem to have resolved the slide getting "stuck" if the shooter hangs on the trigger. (They don't allow the trigger to reset as the firearm is cycling) For best reliability, we still recommend to simply pulling and release.
Red Star's TARA TM-9 transformation project proved highly successful. By addressing design weaknesses, we turned the firearm into a dependable asset.
The TM-9 is able to allow consecutive striker actions (Real Double Action) without the need to rack the slide. State-of-the-art characteristics like anti-corrosive surface protection, high-capacity double-stack magazines, and Picatinny rails to mount tactical lights. Other features include an ambidextrous magazine release button and a special lanyard connection point to cover all possible scenarios. The DARE Trigger system allows for fast and simple training of new users and for a smooth transition for those who come from old conventional systems, in order to reach maximum safety and effectiveness with minimum effort and costs. Trigger SystemThe Tara trigger operation is striker-fired and the special DARE System (Double Action Rapid Engagement) resets the firing pin after a 3mm release of the trigger. This allows fast precision taps after the first round fired in Double Action. The trigger pull of 2.8 kg (6.2 lbs.) is comparably soft for a DA system. There is no need to pull the trigger in order to disassemble the firearm. This helps to prevent accidental discharges during cleaning procedures. Two additional internal safeties include a firing pin safety and a firing pin reset spring.
• 22mm Low Bore Axis for felt recoil reduction and fast target acquisition after every round
• Barrel and slide are machined from solid stainless steel bars with special surface treatment
• Comes with two 17-round magazines with special anti-friction coating for speed and durability
• Rigid, ergonomic polymer frame for weight reduction
• Steel 3-dot sights
• UsedSystem: Double Action Rapid Engagement
Caliber: 9 mm 
Barrel Length: 4.4" 
Capacity: 17 Rounds
Weight (empty): 26.5 oz.
Weight (loaded): 33.5 oz.
Trigger Pull: 5.5 - 7.7 lbs. 
Full story -
This batch of pistols was originally sold by Tara to an overseas European entity that agreed NOT to sell this batch into the USA market. To everyone's shock, the purchasing entity sold the pistols to Century Arms who was unaware of this agreement and imported them in. The pistols have traded hands a few times between Century Arms, Centerfire Systems, Gander Outdoors, America's Gunsmith Shop, & misc distributors. Tara was aware of the issue this is why they did not want them in the USA market and washed their hands of them after Century reached out to them regarding the issue and warranty. Tara's reply: "M-9 pistols (Gen-1) have been sold as an experimental pre-series development since 2018. Many of them were sold as blank-firing pistols but then brought to the market as real guns. These pistols were explicitly sold as rubber bullets or blank-firing pistols. TARA Aerospace AD does not assume any warranty or responsibility on these pistols if used with real ammunition.

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