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Star Spanish "Good" Surplus: 30M 4.25" 9MM w/ Mag (FREE SHIPPING)

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Mfg Item #: 30M

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NOTE: This is a used surplus handgun Graded "Good" by the Importer. Expect finish wear, scratches, dings, etc... (See additional photos of samples from batch)

The Star Model 30M was produced for the Spanish Military. 

Technically, the Star 30M is an updated version of the earlier Star 28M pistol. Star 30M is a recoil-operated, locked-breech pistol, that uses Browning-designed, linkless locking (High Power-type), with two lugs on the barrel and a shaped cam under the chamber that interacts with the slide stop axis inside the frame.
Star 30M features a double-action trigger with slide-mounted ambidextrous safety that locks firing ping only, leaving the trigger and hammer unaffected in the "safety on" position, thus allowing the gun to be "dry-fired" (however, this is unsafe and is not recommended). Star 30M also features magazine safety, which disables firing when the magazine is not in position. Another safety feature is a loaded chamber indicator. Star 30M features internal slide rails (like the SIG P-210 or CZ-75). The frame and slide are made from steel (the aluminum-alloy frame version of the Star 30M is called Star 30PK and is somewhat lighter, as one can expect). The front sight is fixed, and the rear sight is dovetailed and thus can be adjusted for windage.

This pistol had been developed and manufactured in Spain by Star Bonifacio Echeverria SA company. The Star 30M appeared in 1990 and had been adopted for service by several Spanish police organizations, and the Spanish armed forces. Police adopted the PK and the Military M versions. PK means Police. It is shorter and aluminum. Whereas M means military, is longer and steel-framed. Spanish Air Force pilots also apparently used PK versions, and some Guardia personnel used the M also. The Guardia Civil is a paramilitary organization and is both police and military, so this is a frequent source of issued-weapon confusion. The M30 was also adopted in some numbers by Peruvian police and security forces.

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