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Sako ** LAST ONE ** Finnish "Very Good" C&R Surplus: 1935 SAKO-VALMET M28-30 "D" Stamped 27" 7.62X54r (FREE SHIPPING)

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Mfg Item #: "1935" M28-30 - Very Good Grade

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NOTE: This is a used surplus Rifle Graded "Very Good" by the Importer. Expect finish wear, scratches, dings, etc... 

Only one is available, the firearm pictured is what you will receive. Boar and Rifleing look good, no visible cracks in stock. Item has passed a basic function test. Bolt & internals are coated with cosmoline. Cleaning will be required prior to use.  

NOTE: Due to C&R License can not be listed in a public database. When checking out you will have to select an FFL in your area. After checkout, promptly send an email to with your Order# and C&R copy.

During the 1920s the Finnish Civil Guard looked to equip itself with a new rifle to replace the former Russian Army M91 Mosin-Nagant which it had used since Finland had gained its independence. The Finnish Army's new M27 rifle was used a basis for the Civil Guard's M28 with modifications made to make it more robust. In 1930 further changes were made - principally in the fitting of an improved rear-sight - to create the M28/30. The M28/30 was the Civil Guard's chief rifle during the Winter and Continuation wars, before being transferred to the Army when the Civil Guard was abolished under the terms of the peace treaty with the USSR.

  • M/28-30: An upgraded version of the M/28. The most noticeable modification is the new rear sight design. The same sight was used in the following M39 rifle only exception being "1.5" marking for the closest range to clarify it for users. According to micrometer measurements and comparison to modern Lapua D46/47 bullet radar trajectory data, markings are matched to Finnish Lapua D46/D46 bullet surprisingly accurately through the whole adjustment range between 150 m and 2000 m.
The trigger was also improved by adding a coil spring to minimize very long pre-travel. Following M39 does not have this improvement. The magazine was also modified to prevent jamming. M/28-30 also has a metal sleeve in the fore-end of the handguard, to reduce barrel harmonics change and to make barrel-stock contact more constant between shots and/or during environmental changes such as moisture and temperature. Later M39 does not have this upgrade.
 In addition to its military usage, approximately 440 M/28-30 rifles were manufactured by SAKO for use in the 1937 World Shooting Championships in Helsinki.
M/28-30 model, serial number 60974, was also used by Simo Häyhä, a well-known Finnish sniper. M28/30 was used as Civil Guards' competition rifle before World War II, as was the case with Simo Häyhä's personal rifle. Therefore, rifles were built very well, with the highest grade barrels available and carefully matched headspace. Häyhä's rifle was still at PKarPr (Northern Karelia Brigade) museum in 2002, then moved to an unknown place by the Finnish Army.

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