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Romanian Govt

Romanian Govt Romanian Surplus: Mod 63 AK 47 Parts Kit (Very Good - SN Matching)

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The Military Surplus AKM-47 Romanian Parts Kits are complete and most important, they are de-milled properly. Each gun was carefully taken apart and all rivets were carefully removed. These kits are perfect to build your own AK semi-auto rifle.

These professionally demilled kits are the perfect starting point for a high-quality AKM build. You get the entire parts kit – that means virtually every part from the original stamped receiver rifle except a barrel and receiver. 

Remember to follow all local rules and regulations when assembling a firearm for personal use. Be aware that a certain number of US-made parts will need to be replaced for 922R compliance. If you are building an AK-47 with a US-made receiver and barrel, in general, you only need a few more US-made parts to be compliant.

Surplus Grade: Very Good 

These were Military issued rifles. Misc blemish, wear and grime to be expected. Some may have notches and or "Trench Art".

Kits vary w/ Standard lower handguard, Foward or Reverse "Dong" Grips

Products have been previously issued but still, maintain 100% of original functionality.

Kits will have matching numbers stamped on all major components of the rifle such as the front trunnion, rear trunnion and bolt.

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