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IO 1938 Russian IZHEVSK M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle VG-EX

Product Code : P-1680844

1938 Russian IZHEVSK M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle VG-EX

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Russian IZHEVSK M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifles were received in the original master crates of 20 rifles each packed in light to moderate coating of cosmoline with accessories. Crate 199 rifles were rated by I.O Inc the importer as Very Good - Excellent Condition.

The Bores & Rifling in Crate 199 look great, Triggers are nice & crisp. Finish removing the cosmoline and its range time

Stock Finish is Very Good - EX / No Cracks (Full Pre War Time Brass Trim) 
Metal Finish is Excellent / Very Black / Original Color Fill Still Present on Reciever / Barrel is Non-Counterboared 
Matching Serial Numbers on Rifle  (NOT FORCED MATCH) (See Additional Photos Below)  
Round Receiver (Pre War Time Finish)
Includes would be issued accessories package & bayonet (Note: Bayonet is non-Matching)

'WH" Oiler - 2x Ammo Pouches, Sling, Cleanig Kit, & Cleaning Kit Pouch (See Photos)

C&R Eligible 

$50 Optional "Shooter Ready" Service. Cosmoline will be removed, Rifle will be Cleaned, Serviced, & Barricade treated inside and out. 3 round live fire test to verify function. Your rifle will be out of the box rage time ready! 

Determined at checkout.