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Remington UMC US Surplus: WWI 1918 Trench Shotgun *SN Verified* 12ga w/ Ordnance insignia and U.S. property mark (FREE SHIPPING)

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Mfg Item #: Model 10 : Model-10 : M10 : M-10 : Trench Gun : Trench Shotgun

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NOTE: This is a consignment item in overall Good - Vg condition considering its age. Expect finish wear, scratches, dings, etc... (See Photos)

Only one is available, the firearm pictured is what you will receive. We usually don't test shoot and just do function tests in-store. We could not pass up the opportunity to take this item out. It did not disappoint and functioned without issue "as it should"

SN verified: Due to production variations, serial numbers can sometimes be inconsistent. Extensive research has verified that this is originally a Model 10 "Trench Gun" and not a trainer for aerial gunners or another variant. Trench gun production had serial numbers ranging from U128000 to U166000, and this item has a serial number of U165426 (late production). While the U.S. government also purchased Remington Model 10s with 30-inch barrels for training aerial gunners. Although this item in its current configuration with a 30" barrel physically matches a trainer for aerial gunners, this item has been carefully confirmed to originate as a trench gun. We cross-referenced its serial number with verified Model 10 Trench Guns found online and noted that it falls well within the serial number range of other units, within a few hundred production units. Notably, Rock Island Auction had an auction in 2019 for a Model 10 Trench Gun with a serial number within seven production units of this one.

** Click Here for more info about the RIA auction **

This item came to us as a consignment. The owner who had inherited the item just assumed it was an old shotgun that hung over Grandpa's fireplace. It had always just been there. When we initially inspected it, I had an idea of what it was but the barrel was throwing me off. One thing I knew was that it was not just an old shotgun. It's not often we have to dive this far into the rabbit hole to verify an item, but enjoyed the process.                 

The barrel: The original Remington Model 10 trench gun was fitted with a distinctive 23-inch, 12-gauge, cylinder bore barrel, a Remington wooden handguard, and a bayonet lug for a Model 1917 bayonet. Shortly after the war, likely in the 1920s or 1930s based on the period-correct patina on the barrel, receiver, and tube, the barrel was swapped for a 30-inch full choke. It is possible that this conversion was done by a prison, but a more realistic explanation is that an individual converted it for hunting or sporting purposes after the war.

This World War I U.S. Remington Model 10 trench gun was manufactured in 1918. The M10 trench gun is considered the rarest U.S. military shotguns due to its limited production by Remington-UMC. The gun features a commercial blue finish on the receiver, barrel, tube, and sling swivels. The trigger guard is roll-stamped with an encircled "REMINGTON UMC" and "TRADE MARK" below. The handguard, forearm, and stock are made of straight grain, oil-finished American walnut. The buttplate appears to be a replacement, marked Remington but lacking the UMC mark. The slide bar is roll-stamped with "TRADE REMINGTON MARK" in one line, featuring "REMINGTON" in script. The Ordnance "Shell & Flame" insignia and the "US" property mark are hand-stamped on the left front of the receiver.

Final note: The barrel could be cut to the correct length, and we even considered this before listing it. After some deliberation, we decided to leave it as it was due to the patina, the correct Ordnance insignia and the "US" property mark. Although this item originally started as a trench shotgun, in its current configuration, it is likely one of the better historic period-correct examples of an aerial gunner trainer that would have been used by the U.S. government.

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