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Red Star

Red Star 36"x18" Cleaning Mat w/ Small parts spot (FREE SHIPPING)

Product Code : RSN-636AABC76D7734


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After months of testing the Red Star Nation cleaning mat is NOW available!

The RSN 36"x18" Cleaning Mat with Small Parts Spot aims to address common issues faced with typical cleaning mats, such as peeling edges, fuzz accumulation, and wet spots on the bench. The RSN Mat features:

  1. Generous 36"x18" Size w/ Small parts spot in the top right: The size of the mat provides ample space for cleaning firearms or other items. The inclusion of a small parts spot in the top right corner allows for organized placement of small components, preventing them from rolling off or getting lost.

  2. Thick 0.2" (4 mm) for better bench protection: With a thickness of 0.2 inches (4 mm), this mat offers enhanced protection for your workbench or surface from scratches, spills, and other potential damage during the cleaning process.

  3. 100% polyester top (No Fuzz): The use of 100% polyester on the top surface ensures that fuzz or lint does not accumulate, maintaining a clean and smooth working area.

  4. Rubber non-slip base: The rubber non-slip base provides stability and prevents the mat from shifting or sliding during use, ensuring a secure and safe cleaning experience.

  5. Crease-resistant: The mat is designed to resist creases, which helps maintain its flat surface even after extended use or storage.

  6. High-quality edge stitching that doesn’t peel: The mat features high-quality edge stitching, ensuring durability and preventing the edges from peeling or fraying over time.

  7. Non-slip surface and rounded edges: The non-slip surface contributes to a secure grip for the items being cleaned, while the rounded edges provide a comfortable and ergonomic touch.

Check out the pictures showcasing the mat's wear over time, as it is used daily in our shop over the last few months.

This item is drop shipped from our supplier. The estimated ETA  after purchase is 10⁠–17 days.

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