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CZ (INCOMING) Czech Surplus VZ70 .32 ACP (General Listing)

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Mfg Item #: HG776-V

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This is our General Listing, If you would like to "Pick" your VZ70 Please see our other listings

Introduced in 1970, this new model was an improvement upon the successful and widely used VZ50. Like its predecessor, the VZ70 is compact, ergonomic, and reliable. It would see service worldwide and was in use well into the 1990s where large numbers of this model were used in the Balkan conflict.

The small, pocket-sized Vz.70  Known commercially as the CZ-70... was developed originally during the late 1940s for police use as the CZ-50 and was chambered in the marginally 7.65×17 Browning caliber ( known in the U.S. as .32 A.C.P. ). Highly influenced by the Walther PP in design, the Vz.50 was similar to the Walther in appearance but had several differences in safety and disassembly. In the early 1970s, the basic design went through minor face-lift, and the “new” design received the designation of Vz.70.  The magazine release button is located relatively high on the left side of the frame, behind the trigger.


.32 ACP


Double Action

1 X 8 Round Mag...

Surplus - NRA Graded TBA

Made in Czechoslovakia.

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