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British Surplus

British Surplus (INCOMING) 303 British, 500rds in Wood Crate

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NOTE: Item is on order & will not be available until in RSN possession.

Original Military Surplus British 303 Ammunition.

Manufactured in Great Britain in the mid to late 1930's , this ammo is packed 50rds per box (loose, not on chargers) and 500rds per original wooden crate. Inside each wooden crate is a sealed tin containing (10) 50rd boxes of ammunition.

  • Standard Mk VII Ball
  • Lead Core FMJ
  • Brass Case
  • Corrosive
  • 50rd Box
  • 500rd Case

***This ammunition is military surplus and most likely has not been stored in proper environment throughout the years. Therefore, we cannot guarantee this ammunition to be 100% reliable.***

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