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Barnaul Ammo

Barnaul Ammo 7.62X39 123GR HP STEEL 500 Rd Case (1 Per Customer)

Product Code : 460709486028

Mfg Item #: 762X39HP123

One of the most well-known rifle cartridges around the world the 7.62x39 is an intermediate rifle cartridge that was developed by the Soviets during World War II. - The 7.62x39 cartridge is synonymous with the AK-47, SKS rifles, and the RPD / RPK light machine guns. - 7.62x39 is a .30 caliber cartridge that provides good range performance along with solid terminal ballistics.

Caliber: 7.62x39 

Bullet Weight: 123 gr 

Bullet Type: Hollow Point 

Muzzle Velocity: 2536 fps 

Muzzle Energy: 1765 ft/lbs 

Quantity: 20 Rounds Per Box / 500 Rounds Per Case

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